Root Canal Therapy

What is it?
Teeth are held in the jaw by their roots. Front teeth normally have one root but teeth further back will have two, three or four. Inside there are nerves and a blood supply in the ‘root canal’. When the tooth is healthy, the nerves are alive but decay or injury can cause the nerves to die. A dead nerve inside o tooth can cause an abscess at the end of a root.

Root filling means removing damaged or dead nerves and filling the dead space left. The tooth that is left can then be repaired. Usually this process requires more than one visit and the tooth may be tender for a day or so afterwards for which a mild painkiller might be prescribed.

What are the benefits?

-Nerve damage can cause severe toothache but the pain will ussally end very quickly when the root canal is cleaned out.

-Without a root filling, a tooth with a dead nerve would probably have to be taken out.

-Root fillings are usually successful and can last many years

-Sometimes there can be an infection and the tooth will ache and become painful to bite on, but re-treatment can be successful.

-********* Some alternative health practitioners report that on occasions root –filled teeth can interfere with the meridians on which they lie and become obstacles to cure, in such cases it is advisable to liase with your practitioner before starting root canal treatment. *******