The Team



I am Linda, married to Stephen and we have three daughters. I am a registered dental nurse and I have worked in dentistry for nearly 23 years, the last 10 working with Eric at the Lighthouse Dental Practice. I enjoy all aspects of dentistry: I’ve assisted Eric in placing mercury-free fillings, and orthodontic treatment. Best of all I enjoy working on Tuesdays when we all get to dress up! We decided as a practice to dedicate Tuesdays to seeing only children so over the years it has become our ‘Children Day’ when we carry out essential oral health checks, routine treatment and orthodontic (teeth straightening) treatment for our own patients and others referred from other practices. We also provide conscious sedation for those who need it to overcome anxiety. I like working with and looking after children and maybe it is the mothering instincts in me which takes over sometimes but I like to think today’s children are tomorrow’s adults and if we treat them with compassion and understanding they will grow to be very confident about visiting the dentist.


gill I am Gill , married for the nearly 31 years with a son who is a serving member in the Royal Navy and the proud grandmother to 3 adorable grandchildren. I am fully qualified registered dental nurse and been in the dental profession for the last 15 years. I can work in the surgery and I do so sometimes but what I enjoy most is meeting and greeting people and organising the appointments and schedules of our clinicians so I am likely to be the first person you meet when you come to the practice. I also deal telephone enquiries and hopefully will be taking care of those coming by e-mail when it is up an running. My interests vary and include Art, History and Reflexology. My immediate ambition is to complete the Great North Swim alongside my husband in 2011.


renata I am Renata and have been married to my husband Daniel for the past 13 years, we have 2 children. I am originally from Poland where I trained and qualified first as a dental nurse then as a dental hygienist and have been in dentistry now for the past 9 years. I love my work, and Eric thinks in his 30 years experience as a dentist he has never come across a hygienist who approaches her work with so much passion and enthusiasm ---- this is very high praise indeed and I want to live up to this very high expectation! After working with a client for a few months the greatest reward for me is to see and celebrate the reward of improvements their gum health and the prospect them improving their overall health as gum disease is now known to be associated with illnesses such as those of the heart. I keep up with what is new in our profession by attending courses and seminars every year. My hobbies are family oriented and I enjoy travelling, cycling and English history/heritage.


helen I am Helen and I have been a dental nurse in this practice for 30 years, the last 25 years with Eric. I can sincerely say I enjoy my work at the Lighthouse Dental Practice, and I have been part of it’s growth and continued evolution as a fine place to receive both general and specialist dental care. With Eric’s encouragement I qualified as a dental nurse with merit in 1997 and since then I have never looked back as I been on several courses on orthodontics, implant dentistry, sedation, mercury-free dentistry, cosmetic/ aesthetic dentistry, wrinkle reduction and more. This broad exposure to things dental has placed me in a position to discuss treatment plans with clients and help in co-ordinating their care. I took an passed the exam in radiography for dental nurses in 2008 at Hull University and this has become the basis of my ongoing studies for a Foundation Degree in dental nursing. I live at home with mum and 2 cats and enjoy eating out and relaxing with a glass of wine, going to the theatre, cinema, reading and walking.


eric I am Eric. I trained in the first instance at the University of Ghana and then at the University of Manchester for my clinical dentistry qualifying in 1980 so I have been practicing for over nearly 30 years at the time of writing. I spent my early years of practice working in Oral Surgery at Leeds Dental Hospital and in Rochdale as Community Dental Officer before entering general practice in Hull in 1983. I joined Mr. Nesti at this practice on a part time basis in 1985, finally taking over from him in 1988 when he retired. I then teemed up with Martyn Johnson as partner to establish the Lighthouse Dental Practice and I have been the main principal dentist since Martyn took early retirement unfortunately as a result of ill-health. I love dentistry as I believe good oral health has positive implications on general health as is evidenced by the current crop of research linking gum disease to heart disease, the dental bite has a relationship to body posture, psychological problems can be associated with low esteem arising from bad breath, crooked and badly stained teeth. With all this in mind I have deliberately set our practice up as a one –stop shop for dental care: providing for routine dental care to include diagnosis , hygiene and maintenance, true cosmetic dentistry ranging from tooth whitening, tooth straightening with both visible and invisible braces, veneers /crowns , and well-fitting dentures. I have attended numerous training courses and still update myself on the latest techniques so we can alter our practices to bring them up to date. My greatest passion is mercury –free dentistry and since 1995 we banned the use of this toxic substance from our practice. I constantly take referrals from patients who are concerned mercury toxicity to have their fillings replaced. I also practice homoepathy, acupuncture and reiki , using and applying these practices to help my clients. I have also offer wrinkle reduction service using conventional products like Juvederm and botox as well as their homoepathic equivalents. In Jan 2010 I was appointed as a Clinical Tutor at Charles Clifford Dental where I supervise dental students in the clinics