Tooth Coloured Fillings

White fillings /Tooth Coloured Fillings or Composite Laminates:

Silver amalgam fillings remain the most commonly placed fillings in the back teeth throughout the world, but there is now a great debate both among dentists and the public regarding the safety of this metal restorative material which has been in use for over 150 years. The question revolves around the safety of mercury which forms 50% of the metal when placed in the mouth and is known to leak into saliva during chewing. It has been demonstrated that this leaked mercury can be absorbed into the brain,liver, kidney and other tissues where potentially serious damage could be done to the cells.
It is against this background that in 1995 after replacing all my silver amalgam fillings  I decided not to place any in a fellow being as I am convinced of the toxic nature of mercury.

I do not advise that all mercury fillings be removed and replaced, my only contention is that where a replacement is called for one should avail one’s self of the opportunity to place a mercury-free alternative so as to reduce the potential toxic load.
There are also instances where metal toxicity comes out as an obstacle to cure particularly in clients undergoing complementary therapy and may be advised to have their mercury fillings removed according to a protocol that includes a detoxification regime to help eradicate any mercury in other organs/tissues in the body. We are trained to do this as well.
Of late the general public has become more aware of the dangers of mercury and coupled with the desire for more cosmetic fillings have been asking for white fillings when replacing their old amalgam restorations. Advances in material sciences have provided tooth coloured  mercury-free alternatives with properties suitable to all areas of the mouth.

Unlike silver amalgam fillings, white fillings stick to teeth so they can be used to repair teeth which have been chipped and placed in laminates to make composite veneers.